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Annoying Villagers is a comedy-action Minecraft animation series created by MrFudgeMonkeyz. The series is set in Minecraft between a war with Players and Villagers, where different mob factions clash against each other. The series follows different story lines interconneced with each other, overseeing ideals and morals all within separate ideas of having peace. There are 60 episodes in the series so far.


Follow the adventures of the Annoying Villagers, MrFudgeMonkeyz, and Steve as they explore the Minecraft world, while battling the evil forces of Herobrine and investigating the war between Villagers, Players, and Mob factions. There is deep meaning and philosophical discussion which take place as the story progresses. The seemly innocent adventure slowly reveal the corruption and conflict between different inhabitants of this world.



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No. Title Air Date Length
1 Annoying Villagers January 30, 2013 1:23
A grumpy iron golem is forced to protect a group of annoying villagers who farts at him for no reason. He didn't mind most of them until he was enraged causing him to go in a rampage
2 Annoying Villagers 2 August 7, 2013 2:15
Steve discovers a village and was greeted by a stranger who introduced himself to be a villager. They describe themselves as a peaceful race but ironically, they were screaming and seem to be violent. As steve discovers the truth about them, he tries to escape only to found himself trapped by the villagers.
3 Annoying Villagers 3 December 22, 2014 2:43
A Zombie horde attacks a village at sunset and the Villagers need to defend themselves. A white-robed villager decides to fight back the zombies and take them down but was defeated by a zombie with a twisted spine.
4 Annoying Villagers 4 May 5, 2015 3:38
Boop, Green and the white-robed villager stops the conflict between them and the zombies by settling up a dance battle. However, it was interrupted by a mysterious player.
5 Annoying Villagers 5 May 27, 2015 3:16
Boop, Green, and White-Robed Villager make a truce with the zombies and chase the mysterious player who is revealed to be MrFudgeMonkeyz. At the end, the player is successfully caught.
6 Annoying Villagers 6 June 27, 2015 4:28
MrFudgeMonkeyz manages to escape from the villagers' grasp, causing the chase sequences to resume. Meanwhile a witch is ordered by his mysterious master to tell the zombies to kill the villagers. The witch successfully does so, and later when the villagers successfully catch MrFudgeMonkeyz in a gorge, the zombies begin attack them.
7 Annoying Villagers 7 July 25, 2015 3:55
Steve suddenly appears, saving MrFudgeMonkeyz, Boop, and White-Robed Villager from the zombies. He then fights them in hilarious yet effective ways.
8 Annoying Villagers 8 November 8, 2015 4:31
A dance battle ensues between Boop, MrFudgeMonkeyz, White-Robed Villager, and Steve and the witch's enderman minions.
9 Annoying Villagers 9 January 14, 2016 5:06
The Villager King calls the Top Hat Villagers to discuss on Mustard's oath to destroy the Villager Kingdom. Eventually, the King sends Sir Iron Nose to assassinate Mustard. After that, he leaves the castle, but unexpectedly meets Green, one of Boop's friends who went missing in the last episode.
10 Annoying Villagers 10 May 6, 2016 5:26
Steve fights against the cunning witch's undead minions. He successfully eradicates them all and shoots the witch with an arrow on the chest, knocking him out. MrFudgeMonkeyz asks who Herobrine is, and all of sudden, Herobrine appears and launches himself to them.
11 Annoying Villagers 11 June 10, 2016 5:53
Steve has a flashback, where he was sent by Notch with Chris and Greg to an island full of spawners. On the island, Chris and Steve noticed Greg mocking a red shirt zombie. When Greg was distracted however, the zombie lunged and pinned him on the ground, while two diamond armored zombies stabbed their swords to him. The red-shirt zombie took Greg's armor, as he told his comrades to left. Chris and Greg was suddenly blown up by a Creeper. Both were badly damaged, as Chris brought Steve to the shore, put a boat with Steve on it and kick it away. Steve then noticed Herobrine converting his pals into vessels, much to his anger and guilt.
12 Annoying Villagers 12 July 25, 2016 7:02
Steve fights Herobrine. However, Herobrine manages to overwhelm Steve and knock him unconscious. Eventually, a squad of Villager Scouts suddenly appear, raining Herobrine with arrows and defeating him.
13 Annoying Villagers 13 August 27, 2016 10:49
A Villager Scout tells Boop the history of the villagers and their conflict with the players. Boop learns of who the Villager King is, what's happening in the world, and how it all started.
14 Annoying Villagers 14 October 11, 2016 8:23
Boop declares a dance battle against the Zombie Group. At the end, however, he escape with MrFudge while he carries the unconsious Steve.
15 Annoying Villagers 15 December 25, 2016 10:04
The villager scouts escorts the white-robed villager in finding Green. However, they are ambushed by the Resistance clan as they enter the Northward Region. The leader of the clan explains his motives of competing with the Villager King.
16 Annoying Villagers 16 February 5, 2017 10:51
Boop guides MrFudgeMonkeyz who carries Steve to nowhere, until they eventually meet Charlie the Creeper who will escort them somewhere, while the Witch tries to prevent them to do so. Meanwhile the white-robed villager is imprisoned and become a prisoner of war.
17 Annoying Villagers 17 March 4, 2017 12:02
Forest Herobrine goes on his hunt for Mustard the blue-robed villager and ends up killing numerous villager scouts to gather information of his position.
18 Annoying Villagers 18 May 20, 2017
Forest Herobrine continues his hunt for Mustard to a near settlement while the Resistance tribe members go to the forest to investigate. Meanwhile Steve, who is still in coma, is experiencing nightmares about Herobrine and flashbacks about his past. Eventually, he wakes up and decides to desert the group.
19 Annoying Villagers 19 June 10, 2017 15:50
Alex saves Mustard the blue-robed villager from Herobrine's zombies. Meanwhile, Bob's friend finally arrives at the Villager Kingdom to send the urgent message while Green goes with Sir Iron Nose. Meanwhile Forest Herobrine makes an unexpected encounter with Grave after he tried to conserve his energy.
20 Annoying Villagers 20 July 1, 2017 15:49
Forest Herobrine struggles to fight against skilled Resistance players. He manages to escape the fight and continues his hunt for Mustard the blue-robed villager.
21 Annoying Villagers 21 July 23, 2017 19:15
Boop and MrFudgeMonkeyz get lured into the Witch's trap, but Charlie arrives and saves them. The Witch, however, commands an enderman to teleport the creeper away, leaving them vulnerable. Boop tries to fuse with MrFudgeMonkeyz, but he ends up knocking him out. Suddenly, Boop's herobrine powers awakens and takes out all of the zombies whilst the witch retreated.
22 Annoying Villagers 22 August 23, 2017 17:51
23 Annoying Villagers 23 September 10, 2017 17:54
Steve continues on his own journey, witnessing two villager knights about to capture three players. Steve decides to interfere and manages to disarm one of the knights so he can ask him questions. Much to his shock, the knight does a suicidal stab and shoots a firework to the sky. Somewhere else, Boop and MrFudgeMonkeyz are revealed to be chased by a mysterious llama.
24 Annoying Villagers 24 October 14, 2017 13:38
Boop and MrFudgeMonkeyz continue their journey with the mysterious llama who guides them to the swamp, but they are then intercepted by a group of noob zombies. A dance battle then ensues between the llama and the zombies.
25 Annoying Villagers 25 January 6, 2017 21:38
Mustard arrives to a Villager Settlement to persuade the villagers for distrusting the Villager King, but to no avail. Forest Herobrine, Shadow Herobrine, and Null are there as well, invading the settlement in an attempt to kill Mustard. However, Mustard, with his tricks, manages to escape the inevitable situation.
26 Annoying Villagers 26
The trio in Boop's story make a fortress (which is not a true fortress) but they recruit a Pink-Leather Armored Zombie who wanted to be friends with them. Unfortunately, a group of Advaned Zombies start the ambush which they were led by Armored Herobrine.
27 Annoying Villagers 27
28 Annoying Villagers 28
29 Annoying Villagers 29
30 Annoying Villagers 30
31 Annoying Villagers 31
32 Annoying Villagers 32
33 Annoying Villagers 33
34 Annoying Villagers 34
35 Annoying Villagers 35
36 Annoying Villagers 36
37 Annoying Villagers 37
38 Annoying Villagers 38
39 Annoying Villagers 39
40 Annoying Villagers 40
41 Annoying Villagers 41
42 Annoying Villagers 42
43 Annoying Villagers 43
44 Annoying Villagers 44
45 Annoying Villagers 45
46 Annoying Villagers 46 April 2020
47 Annoying Villagers 47 May 2020
48 Annoying Villagers 48 June 2020
49 Preparations July 4, 2020 11:48
Blue Demon clashes against numerous herobrine vessels and manages to escape. Meanwhile Steve, Woopie, and Fuzzy Cloud are still chasing Saikas_colutte, Ghost_ganba, and Snow-BFY, while X_Grave_X and his clanmates build a new base in the desert where he tells his clanmates the motives behind the Resistance, and at the same time, Chris is revealed establishing a new clan named "The Alliance" which consists of players and mobs. Blue Demon is later seen being chased by numerous herobrine vessels to an unknown place.
50 Reveal The Demon August 8, 2020 16:13
Blue Demon arrives to the Resistance Desert Camp, where he defeats numerous players there (which some are revealed to be herobrine vessels), while Herobrine Greg teleports himself and Swordsman Herobrine to the Desert Camp and they prepare to harvest new vessels. Meanwhile Steve, Woopie, and Fuzzy Cloud are still chasing Saikas_colutte, Ghost_ganba, and Snow-BFY, but they are all then teleported by Dinnerbone to the Desert Camp. At the end, Dinnerbone redirects three elder herobrine vessels somewhere in the desert and challenges them a battle.
51 Battle of Demons September 19, 2020 15:51
Swordsman Herobrine and Herobrine Greg go rampage in the Resistance Tribe's desert base, as Blue Demon continues to battle the players. Somewhere else, Steve faces Fuzzy Cloud while X_Grave_X with his tribemates fight two herobrine vessels. Meanwhile, Herobrine tells his story of how he came to be.
52 A Creator's Mercy October 10, 2020 11:03
Dinnerbone the Creator engages in a battle against the Herobrine Vessels. Meanwhile, Joe the Pufferfish narrates his story of how he came to be to his younger brothers.
53 Arrival of the King December 12, 2020 13:27
Steve, accompanied by several sentient items, engages in a windy fight against Fuzzy Cloud. Eventually, Steve is overpowered, but the Illager King arrives just in time to save him.
54 Destined for Disaster January 9, 2021 14:09
The two biggest tribes try to defeat the threats coming. The Alliance defeats the Red Villager Knights but The Resistance turns into Herobrine Vessels. Steve then joins the Illager Forces. Chris gives the old villagers a chance on the players and new villagers by changing their ways and actions and to let go of the past. The villager nobles discussed about their new iron golems which are revealed to be explosives made by The Villager King. While Illager King and Mr. Colder fighting the vessels, Entity303 captures Steve and brings him to his realm.
55 A Bitter Taste February 6, 2021 17:29
Illager King and Blue Demon defeat numerous vessels. Swordsman Herobrine is reveled to be the true Herobrine. A Warden eats him letting the vessels lose connection and dies. Entity303 shows Steve all the chaos from the world.
56 Being Born Again March 6, 2021 11:56
Steve faces his aspects and Entity303's faceless clones. Angry Steve saves the real Steve while the Sad Steve stays in his aspect realm.
57 I am My Own Enemy April 3, 2021 14:26
58 A New Friend May 8, 2021 13:37
59 A Battle among Creators


  • Annoying Villagers is the largest Minecraft animation series that is created by a single YouTuber up to date, with 58 episodes so far (55 as the canon series while the first 3 episodes are considered non-canon).
    • In addition, Annoying Villagers is also the longest-running (active) minecraft animation series, running for over eight years long (2013).
  • Annoying Villagers is the only non-song Minecraft animation series to have its own intro (The "Coming Up" line), title card, and outro (the "Next Up" sequences), though they're used recently since Preparations/Annoying Villagers 49.
  • The models starting from AV 1-38 are like Minecraft pixelated and vanilla looking. But in the later episodes, it was updated and became the 1.14 update models.





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