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Black Plasma Studios is an online team of Minecraft animators on YouTube, founded by David R.B or Arbiter 617. They used to produce Halo machinimas, but eventually switched to solely animating Minecraft. The team primarily makes animations based on minigames on the Hypixel game server, but has also made other animations from time to time. As of recently, BPS had been making a full-on Minecraft animated series, Songs of War, which was cancelled in June 2020 after one season had aired. The crew uses Blender to animate their films.

Over the years, Black Plasma Studios has garnered over 6 million subscribers, making them the most subscribed Minecraft animation channel on YouTube.

On 26th April of 2020, David announced his intention to move away from the channel and focus on game design, as game design had been a greater passion of his for a long time.


The group has done over hundreds of animations, based on different subjects and genres. One of their most popular animations is Animation Life. The trilogy of episodes revolves about Steve who is fighting and trying to save the Hypixel world from a group of villains. The trilogy was compiled into a 50-minute movie after the release of the third installment. They have also made the Worlds Apart and Battle Royale trilogies, the Alex and Steve Adventures as a spin-off to Animation Life.

A recurring trope of Black Plasma animations were the animation based on a Hypixel minigame.

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