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Blue Monkey (born: September 26, 1995 [age 24]) is an English YouTube animator who animates videos based on the popular video game, Minecraft. Blue Monkey currently has a contract with Machinima making animating his videos his full-time job. As a sort of reference to his name, Blue Monkey often calls his subscribers "Chimps".

Previous to joining YouTube, Blue Monkey had gotten a contract with Machinima to make Minecraft animations on a YouTube channel. Animating for his channel quickly became his full-time job and he is still animating today.

Blue Monkey joined YouTube on August 23, 2012, and uploaded his first animation on September 19, 2012, called "The Meteor". In the video description, he calls it "our first Banana, Fresh from the Home Tree," and also says "Looks like this will be the first of many pickings this year," making a clever reference to his name, Blue Monkey.



  • Billy: from Blue Monkey's animations is confirmed to be voiced by AdamRodriguezGames.
  • Dave The Hero: from the short Animation is confirmed to be also voiced by the Youtuber: TheFearRaiser.
  • Oswell and Taz: are the Two Pig's seen in some animations, Oswell has been confirmed to be voiced by ZoxinTV and Taz by BrendanieReads.
  • Alex and Steve: are the default skins in Minecraft, and there is a series currently still being made in Episodes about them, they have took over the spot in the main animations, and it is confirmed that Alex is voiced by Emichwan88 and Steve by ShadyVoxYT.
  • Blue Monkey has received a Golden Play Button that was Official from Youtube them-selves, due to his rise and income in making Animations.