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On the 23rd March of 2014, Withersoul 235 decided to create a wiki for Minecraft Animations and Machinima. A great idea, he thought. But he already lost interest after a while and left. It was only until April 12, 2018 that he finally returned to this wiki for real.

Note: While articles detailing animated parodies and original animated songs are allowed, please do not copy articles from, or to the Minecraft Music Wiki. This wiki is partnered with us, but both sites are ran seperately and have their own identity and standards.

Here are some rules that you must follow, otherwise, you will eventually be blocked if the following rules weren't respected:

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  • Add any missing information, when there is.
  • Make sure all grammar and spelling is correct.
  • No bullying or racism of any kind, if one does so, they will be blocked from this Wiki.

If you followed all the rules, you won't be blocked, unless if you somehow attempted to forget the rules and break them. Anyways, happy editing!


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Fun facts

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  • Did you know that MC Songs by MC Jams is a dad? He has a son named Terry.

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