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Monster School was an animated series by Willcraft Animations, about the everyday life of the students of a school (all of whom are hostile/neutral mobs) as Herobrine and Hildegarde try to train, prepare and educate the students for their career as mobs.

The series has officially been ended as of 15 March 2015. Willcraft wasn't finding enjoyment out of making them anymore and he was outgrowing it, he was also worried about his future career and that Monster School wouldn't be sustainable for him anymore so he just stopped producing them. A lot of animators decided to ripoff his series by using the same concept of characters in premise and has currently become a genre (although it really isn't according to Willcraft).

The series would start of with a view of the camera gliding through the classroom. Herobrine would point at the board with his stick, and the subject of the episode would appear on the board. Judging by the how fun the project is, the students reactions would vary. (annoyed expressions for a boring subject, and excitement for fun subjects.) Herobrine would teleport items onto the students desk, or on the occasion, teleport students onto something. The episode would progress with the students doing their shenanigans or work, and they would be finished after about 1-5 minutes depending on the subject. They would demonstrate how they did on the subject, or already do the subject on occasions. At the end of the video, the students grades would be shown next to an icon of the student's head.


School Attenders

  • Herobrine: The main teacher and possibly principal. He usually uses his powers during class to teleport, revive students, etc.
  • Hildegarde: The brewing teacher. She invites the new students to the school and is the one who leads the bus trip. She also uses her powers during class.
  • Zombie Villagers: The janitors of Monster School, who often work in the cafeteria or in the halls.
  • Bus Driver: A Bus Driver who escorts students to the school.


  • Ghist: A ghast who likes collecting heads. Her grades are varied each lessons.
  • Creep: A creeper who's a bit lazy and prefers to steal the other students' works.
  • Zombieswine: A zombie pigman who is a bully in the school. He often gets bad grades.
  • Endie: A light-hearted enderman who has an obsession with diamond blocks. He has an extremely hostile alter-ego which is triggered by a human staring on his eyes.
  • Spider: A spider who likes to show his spider abilities when he feels like it.
  • Skellington: A skeleton who ironically a bad bow user and likes to cook.
  • Mucus: A French slime who is the nerd of the class. He often gets good grades.
  • Zombee: A zombie who usually gets bad grades due to his lack of brain.
  • Maggie: A magma cube who has a high attitude of eating and prefers to split herself to make her less fat.
  • Silvester: A silverfish who likes digging and exploring new areas.
  • Zupay: A baby zombie villager who is a worse bully than Zombiswine.
  • Cavell: A cave spider who hates himself to be small.
  • Blaise: A blaze who is easily enraged.
  • Witton: A dumb wither skeleton, even dumber than Zombee who likes playing swords and violent sports.
  • Multus: A wither who has multiple personalities. The left head is evil, the right head is good, and the middle head likes to scare people.



Episodes (by Willcraft)
Nr. Name Story Results
1 Meet the Students Some of the students are introduced. N/A
2 Crafting The students get crafting lessons. Ghist E, Creep D, Zombieswine F, Endie C, Spider E, Skellington E, Mucus A, Zombee F
3 Cooking Christmas Specials Ghist E, Creep F, Zombieswine D, Endie A, Spider E, Skellington A, Mucus B, Zombee F
4 Stealing The students are trying to bypass securities. Ghist A, Creep C, Zombieswine F, Endie B, Spider F, Skellington F, Mucus E, Zombee F
5 Brewing The students get brewing lessons from Vice Principal Hildegarde Ghist F, Creep D, Zombieswine A, Endie F, Spider E, Skellington E, Mucus C, Zombee F
6 Hiding ... Ghist A, Creep E, Zombieswine E, Endie C, Spider D, Skellington F, Mucus C, Zombee F
7 Combat The students get combat lessons. Steve makes appearance. Ghist B, Creep C, Zombieswine E, Endie A, Spider D, Skellington E, Mucus C, Zombee E
8 Meet the New Students The 7 new students are introduced. N/A
9 Mining The students get mining lessons. Zombee A, Skellington D, Spider E, Creep C, Mucus F, Endie B, Ghist D, Zombieswine E, Maggie E, Silvester F, Zupay C, Cavell E, Blaise C, Witton F, Multus C
10 Acrobatics The students get race through track and field running parkour. Zombee E, Skellington D, Spider C, Creep C, Mucus A, Endie E, Ghist D, Zombeeswine D, Maggie E, Blaise E, Cavell D, Silvester A, Witton F, Zupay B, Multus D
11 Trick or Treat! Halloween Specials N/A
12 Scaring School Bus makes appearance for the first time. The students get scaring Steve lessons. Zombee E, Skellington C, Spider C, Creep B, Mucus F, Endie A, Ghist D, Zombieswine F, Maggie C, Silvester F, Zupay A, Cavell F, Blaise C, Witton F, Multus B
13 Bus Trip ... N/A
N/A What Should I Do? Author won't make animations anymore. He did plan to have the monsters graduate in some way though, according on one of his comments on another video. N/A


Results (by Willcraft)
A = Best Grade
B = Second Best
C = Third Best
D = Fourth Best
E = Bare Minimum to Succeed
F = Failed

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